The British Christmas False Flag

The British Christmas False Flag

I just spoke to a masked doctor who told me that she thought the current situation in England was extremely worrying. She meant the fact that a new mutation of the Chinese virus was supposedly found in southern England, which is said to be “even more harmful” than any previous strain. I confirmed to her that I too find the current circumstances very worrying. Above all, I find it remarkable that this new strain of virus, which has been known since September, is supposed to be so insidious that it mutates into a monster just five days before Christmas and ten days before the end of the unsuccessful Brexit negotiations. This new monster is used to cancel Christmas in England, even though that had been planned and prepared for a long time. Children had already been shown propaganda videos weeks ago starring Santa Claus infected with Covid in the intensive care unit – this proves that British health officials don’t shy away from anything.

It leaves me speechless to witness that there are plenty of grown up human beings who are willing to believe that it is a coincidence that this alleged killer virus shows its true colors ten days before the end of the Brexit transition period? It is amazing that not a single journalist has yet made the obvious connection between the appearance of the supposedly new virus strain and the failed Brexit negotiations. If there is no deal between London and Brussels by December 31st , it will be very uncomfortable for both the UK and EU governments. Because the English could quickly run out of food and other goods, as the trucks with the supplies are already backing up in France – now officially due to the new covid restrictions. And if there were a hard border with customs formalities between England and France in addition to that from January 1, 2021 on, this could make for days or weeks of chaos. Over the past few weeks, very well-attended anti-lockdown demos have taken place in London and anyone who knows angry, disinhibited English will quickly understand why Boris Johnson urgently needs a rigorous curfew at the moment. Isn’t it great that this killer virus is so reliable at his side?

Boris Johnson is hoping that the EU leadership will buckle at the last minute, on 31 December, and sign a treaty that will allow him to present himself to his people as the victor. However, the EU leadership in Brussels cannot afford to emerge as a loser from this dispute – not again. Basically, it is in their real interest that Brexit becomes tough and brutal for Britain, because they want to deter other EU members from following the example of the British. For some Eastern European states, as well as Greece and Italy, are potential exit candidates as soon as the flow of money from Brussels dries up – and it is likely to do so soon. The more England suffers from its separation from the EU, the more the psychopaths in Brussels prefer it. That’s why they took the new killer virus as an opportunity to ban all flights from England and put Johnson under pressure. The English are de facto trapped in their country and sealed off from the outside world. And all because of a virus strain that they had known for months already? Seriously? Johnson is a gambler and I don’t think he’ll back down.

In my opinion, this new British super virus killer strain is a classic false flag, a distraction from the inability of politicians to amicably and reasonably settle this divorce. But of course the British authorities kill several birds with one fell swoop if they forbid the Brits to celebrate Christmas with their families. It is the same reason why restaurants everywhere have to close, even if you know that they only pose one specific risk of infection: where several people come together over good food and alcohol, the risk of contracting the virus of rebellion is very high. People can quickly incite one another, or just provide one another with valuable information. Wherever people come together in private, it can easily happen that they meet up to resist. If you force them to talk to each other exclusively via Zoom or Skype, then you have them all under control. As I reported in my book published in August, the 77th British Brigade, has been busy since spring 2020 to suppress, delete or correct everything on the Internet that is viewed as “misinformation” about the corona experiment, having more than 4,000 soldiers cleaning up the virtual world 24/7. As long as people can only communicate via the Internet, they are completely under control.

I hope that you no longer believe in Santa Claus (may he be in intensive care or not), and that you do not buy into every False Flag they come up with. I hope you do not panic like many of our peers! Pay attention to yourself and your immune system, whose greatest enemy is stress and anxiety. I wish you A Merry Christmas and many stimulating and enlightening conversations over the holidays! Trust your intuition and allow yourself your own opinion. The most important question these days whenever they present something new should always be: who benefits?